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Ordnance Survey underpins UK driverless car testing

By [email protected] - 2nd October 2018 - 08:11

Ordnance Survey (OS) is one of 11 partners in OmniCAV, a £3.9m project to develop a world-first Artificial Intelligence-based simulation model for testing autonomous car safety. The simulation environment will feature a 32km circuit of Oxfordshire roads, covering rural, urban, main roads and intersections. The simulation will be used to create and run different scenarios for the safe testing of CAVs, and will support certification bodies, insurers and manufacturers. OS will lead the capture, processing and serving of geospatial high-resolution mapping data. This will include 3D geometry and information about the roadside assets and their characteristics, so that data standards and requirements can be developed for the real-world deployment and operation of CAVs. Miranda Sharp, Head of Innovation at Ordnance Survey, said: “OmniCAV is one of a number of UK government-sponsored projects that supports the position of the UK as the best place in the world for autonomous vehicle testing.