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ORCA Pilot Chart Mapper

By [email protected] - 18th January 2017 - 11:04

ORCA Pilot Chart Mapper is a new complementary tool for SevenCs PPU software, ORCA Pilot G2. This unique product is developed to make Pilots more independent, flexible and up to date, when it comes to high precision charts in local areas. Chart Mapper is a perfect tool to create an optional chart layer with high density depth information for display in a PPU within seconds! In general it is common practice to export and exchange depth information data in xyz format. ORCA Pilot Chart Mapper reads xyz point cloud data and processes it to create S-57 high density bathymetry layers – e.g. bathymetric ENCs. SevenCs GmbH is located in Hamburg, and for decades has been “the Expert” in developing maritime software applications. Global business experience for nearly 25 years have led to a reliable product family such as the S-57 and S-100 chart display Kernel, professional navigation software (ORCA Series) and ENC production tools.