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Orbital Tracking Corp. setup SPOT Gen3® Messengers for UK Forestry Commission

By [email protected] - 20th May 2016 - 12:45

Orbital Tracking Corp. has completed its final delivery and setup of new SPOT Gen3 messengers for the UK Forestry Commission as part of its partnership with Globalstar. The SPOT Gen3, is a small, rugged, pocket-sized GPS based tracker designed for use in remote locations, allowing the user to email or text pre-arranged messages to designated family or friends. Up to 550 of the devices will be used by the Forestry Commission to enhance the safety of its staff when working in areas with unreliable mobile phone and radio communications. In an emergency situation, lone workers can press a single button on the SPOT Gen3 to alert emergency services via the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre. “This recent contract is further proof that Orbital’s partnership with Globalstar has positioned us for long-term success in our global markets,” stated David Phipps, CEO of Orbital Tracking Corp.

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