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Optimizing Photogrammetry with Large-frame Sensors

By [email protected] - 23rd February 2017 - 11:02

Pix4Dmapper Pro is more than just drone-mapping software. For professional photogrammetrists, the objective of mapping is not just to generate simple 2D ortho-mosaics and 3D visually-pleasant models, but also to create cartography that provides accurate location and precise measurements. In Pix4Dmapper Pro, users can process large-frame images with an additional add-on. This add-on is for processing images larger than 55 megapixels. Metric camera users like UltraCam, can enter pre-calibrated camera interior and exterior parameters in Pix4Dmapper Pro. By choosing either to fix or to re-compute parameters, it is more flexible and efficient to generate accurate cartography in a short time. Pix4Dmapper Pro supports the input of pre-calibrated camera interiors, such as focal length, principal point of auto-collimation (PPA), and lens distortion coefficients, etc. One recent method to avoid surveying ground control points for every project is direct geo-referencing, giving the six accurate exterior orientations to produce the surface model and ortho-mosaic.