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One Sea - Autonomous Maritime Ecosystem introduced roadmaps to autonomous shipping

By [email protected] - 23rd June 2017 - 10:53

Top players from marine and IT-industry have teamed up to jointly develop world’s first system of autonomous ships. The shared vision for the ecosystem partners is to enable fully remote controlled vessels in the Baltic Sea in three years and to achieve autonomous commercial maritime traffic by 2025. The One Sea ecosystem, founded in 2016, represents exceptionally advanced co-creation where global leaders in their industries work to reach their joint goal of autonomous traffic. The leader of One Sea is DIMECC. Harri Kulmala CEO of DIMECC commented. “Our One Sea ecosystem is the natural next step in the digital transformation of the marine industry. Several new business initiatives in the autonomous maritime traffic have already been started and can be expected in the future. One Sea ensures a well-researched, tested and highly capable autonomous shipping network”.