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Norwegian energy company Luostejok Kraftlag has chosen Digpro

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 14:02

Digpro has been chosen to supply their GIS based network management system dpPower and dpCom to the Norwegian energy company Luostejok Kraftlag AS.

Their main purpose is to distribute electrical power to customers in Karasjok and the eastern part of the municipality of Porsanger and Veidnes in Lebesby, Norway. Luostejok Kraftlag chose Digpro to help them manage their electrical distribution network and optical fiber network. Ljostejok Kraftlag have struggled for many years with a situation characterized by poor data quality caused partly by the fact that the same data is in multiple systems that do not talk with each other. Ole G. Thomassen, CEO, Luostejok Kraftlag said “Now we have a system that gives us support for both our infrastructure areas, as well as all phases of planning, operation, maintenance, as well as a system that is flexible and user-friendly.”

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