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Nokia enables better decision-making by emergency services

By [email protected] - 21st June 2018 - 16:32

Nokia is extending its command and control room portfolio for public safety agencies with the launch of the Advanced Command Centre. The solution accelerates the move towards next-generation 911 and 112 services by utilizing rich media call taking, 360-degree situational awareness through video and IoT, and enhanced multi-agency cooperation through virtual emergency response centres. The Advanced Command Centre is designed to meet the needs of public safety agencies faced with growing responsibilities and a transition from voice-based to broadband data-centric emergency response. Rich media emergency call-taking uses video capabilities to help public safety agencies gain a visual understanding of critical situations when an emergency 911/112 call is received. As part of Nokiaâs ViTrust portfolio, the Advanced Command Centre combines next-generation emergency services (NEXES), advanced rich media emergency call-taking and dispatch capabilities with Nokiaâs Integrated Operations Centre for smart and safe city management. Â