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NM Group assist Hydro One to develop LiDAR strategy to increase network efficiency

By [email protected] - 23rd June 2017 - 10:45

Hydro One, one of Canada’s largest power utilities, are working with NM Group to develop a strategy to improve the efficiency of their system using LiDAR and other remote sensing techniques. Through a collaborative project consisting of over 1,000 km of transmission and distribution circuits, the utility is evaluating how this data can be more strategically applied. With LiDAR, combined with NM Group’s geospatial algorithms, this survey data is turned into a 3D model providing further network insight. 3D data is being used for a range of applications, the main aim being to create an overarching approach that will improve reliability across the system. In isolation remote sensing can provide specific benefits to a utility, although often for a single application. Through this initiative Hydro One aim to develop a holistic, business wide strategy and to maximize the operational efficiencies available.