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Nigeria Africas Largest Economy Adopts what3words Address Technology

By [email protected] - 21st August 2017 - 10:07

Nigeria’s postal service, NIPOST, has just announced its adoption of the innovative global addressing system what3words. Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and its most populous country with approximately 184 million inhabitants. Nigeria’s poor addressing system means that only 20% of its inhabitants receive mail at home. Determined to improve this situation, NIPOST has set itself the ambitious target of increasing home delivery to 70% within the next 2 years and 90% by 2020 through the Mail for Every House Initiative (MEHI), and has adopted what3words to help it achieve these goals. It means that every home and business in Nigeria has a simple and accurate address that is easy to remember and to use. For example ///bracelets.hesitations.mutes refers to the exact 3m x 3m square at the entrance to the main post office in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.