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New UAV Partner for RIEGL USA

By [email protected] - 1st May 2019 - 08:59

RIEGL is proud to announce the expansion of its North American presence in the ULS / UAS market with a new OEM partner, GreenValley International Inc. (GVI). GreenValley International is the most recent addition to the growing base of renowned integrators. GreenValley International, operating out of Berkeley, California, joins a distinguished group of RIEGL OEM partners. With strong support from RIEGL, GreenValley International will further promote RIEGL UAS-based LiDAR innovations. This is accomplished through expanding their unique LiAir series UAS solutions, making use of RIEGL miniVUX-1 or VUX-1 series sensors respectively. The LiAir series is fully supported by GVI’s proprietary software suite accommodating a wide variety of applications, such as powerline inspection, topographic survey, and forestry analysis. Leo Liu, Director of Marketing & Sales for GVI, says that “We are very excited to join this selected group of RIEGL OEM partners and strive to bring to our global customers more innovative UAS LiDAR solutions powered by the best RIEGL sensors.”