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New Topcon 10-inch touchscreen display for construction machine control

By [email protected] - 21st April 2017 - 12:22

Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of the latest addition to its longstanding line of touchscreen control boxes for construction machine automation, the GX-75. With its 10-inch touch screen, the system is designed to offer a large and easy-to-use display for operators. Its 10-inch, bright, rugged and sunlight-readable screen allows operators in the cab to see more of the project file, at once, in practically any weather condition. The GX-75 is currently available for use with dozer, motor grader and excavator machine control systems. It comes with a standard lock connector used with previous Topcon control boxes, allowing for backward compatibility. The GX-75 includes an adjustable mounting backpack designed to provide versatility - whether an operator prefers to view project information on the left, right or center of the cab. Additional features include integrated virus protection, and easily-accessible USB ports for saving and downloading job files.