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New tech from Maptek to uncork geology bottleneck

By GeoConnexion - 1st July 2021 - 07:42

Machine learning combined with cloud computing is destined to free up the geological supply chain to allow businesses to better leverage a key asset - their geological model.

April 2021 sees the market release of DomainMCF, a platform that Maptek says will ‘put the geology back into geologists’. Geologist and project lead, Steve Sullivan said that geologists feed in drilling data and obtain domain or grade models in dramatically less time than traditional resource modelling methods. DomainMCF applies deep learning and big data computing methods to generate domain boundaries directly from drillhole sample data. Rapid generation of resource models is a game changer for operations. It avoids bottlenecks that may be created when waiting for up to date models and avoids the risks of using non-current information for planning current work.

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