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New IGI AEROoffice & TERRAoffice v5.4.4350

By [email protected] - 24th February 2016 - 14:47

IGI has launched the new version of AEROoffice & TERRAoffice software. This new version has improved, and the most important feature is the newly introduced coverage maps for scanning sensors. The sensor footprint can now be adjusted via the setup page. It is now possible to select and define if the sensor has a camera footprint, a scanner footprint or maybe no footprint. The scanner footprint is now no longer an extension to a camera, like as it was in earlier versions. It is now possible to operate changing colours for the scanner footprints. Each scanline can have its colour in order to well identify scanlines from neighbouring scanlines and therefore notice the overlapping areas or potential holes. Such effects are considered important in the new IGI AEROoffice & TERRAoffice software which is available now.