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New EU Report Stresses Importance of GNSS Alternatives for PNT

By GeoConnexion - 14th April 2023 - 14:55

The European Union’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) released a new report on its trials of Alternative Position, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) technologies, conducted between 2021 and 2022. The demonstration tested technologies from seven different companies on their ability to address vulnerabilities and serve as a complement to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) – the satellite-based PNT technology that includes the EU’s Galileo and the United States’ GPS systems, among others. Although widely used, GNSS technology suffers from unique shortcomings, and without alternatives in place, the effects of an outage would be far-reaching and damaging to the European economy. The JRC recognized NextNav’s TerraPoiNT as a mature solution that meets or exceeds all relevant benchmarks to serve as a resilient layer to existing GNSS technology.

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