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New CGG GeoSoftware Technology Drives Greater E&P Efficiency

By [email protected] - 21st March 2018 - 09:54

CGG GeoSoftware has announced new releases across its entire geoscience portfolio. Its complementary HampsonRussell, Jason, PowerLog, InsightEarth, VelPro, and EarthModel FT solutions are the industry’s preferred set of tools and support for multi-disciplinary teamwork at every stage from exploration and development to life-of-field production management. Recent developments bring exciting new capabilities within each individual solution while offering increasingly integrated workflows from geology and geophysics to reservoir engineering. As an example, the new ‘Load-Once-Use-it-Everywhere’ capability enables Jason users to operate on HampsonRussell seismic stores and vice versa without the need to duplicate, move or reload seismic volumes. This integration unleashes the power of cross-solution workflows. Kamal Al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, GeoSoftware, CGG, said: “We are committed to delivering continued innovation across our entire portfolio. Our newest technology and intuitive interfaces reveal key information from geophysical data that helps E&P companies hit drilling targets and improve production of their assets.”