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NCTech iris360 professional, high-speed panoramic imaging.

By [email protected] - 22nd January 2016 - 15:38

NCTech released its iris360 panoramic camera, fully integrated with the new Google Street View app to allow users to capture and upload high-resolution panoramic photos directly. The fast and easy-to-use camera is also designed for use with all 360 degree image processing and virtual tour software and can easily be integrated into other platforms that require professional-quality panoramic imaging content. iris360 is remote-controlled by a mobile phone or tablet, and quickly captures high-resolution 360 degree images from its four sensors. With one touch, the camera captures and delivers an 8K resolution, HDR panoramic image in less than two minutes. iris360 is the only fully automated, panoramic camera system available to deliver the 32 megapixel photo sphere resolution required under Street View/Trusted. As a certification program, Trusted focuses on recognizing professionals who consistently deliver their clients with the highest quality “photo spheres” of business interiors.