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NCTech goes off-road with Top Gear!

By [email protected] - 20th May 2016 - 12:37

Top Gear USA in Los Angeles approached NCTech with the idea to capture in 360 degrees the Rubicon Trail, which is both one of the USA’s toughest and one of the WORLD’S toughest off road trails covering over 22 miles with 12 miles of rough rocky terrain. The NCTech iSTAR 360 degree HDR 50 Megapixel camera was the most suitable camera for this task with its automatic tilt leveling and is controlled by its internal touchscreen, features time-lapse modes and can also be vehicle mounted. These features made it perfect for the project. It was mounted to the front convoy vehicle, automatically capturing images on time-lapse mode for the entire trip. The vehicles drivers could now concentrate on driving while the iSTAR captured 1000’s of images during the journey, in full 360 degrees and at 50 megapixel resolution including on-board GPS positioning and horizon leveling.