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Nautical Institute and DNV-GL accreditation for VSTEP DP Simulators

By [email protected] - 22nd May 2015 - 13:06

In a timespan of one month, three types of VSTEP Dynamic Positioning Simulators have been officially certified and accredited by the Nautical Institute and Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL) certification bodies. The accreditation means the new NAUTIS Dynamic Positioning simulators from VSTEP are fully certified and approved to be used for official DP training courses. The accredited Dynamic Positioning Simulators were based on different DP control types and included both Class A and Class B type DP simulators. Accreditation of the DP simulators took place no more than four weeks apart and at different locations, including VSTEPâs World Headquarters and acclaimed training institutes in Shanghai and Singapore. Paul Kuin, Principal Auditor at DNV-GL for the DP Class A simulator at VSTEPâs Rotterdam office, was impressed: âThe ergonomic and intuitive layout of the bridge equipment looks very convincing and is more suitable for many offshore DP operations like platform supply and diving support.â