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Natural Disaster Expo 2021

By GeoConnexion - 13th January 2021 - 16:19

The city of Miami Beach, Florida, is set to be the epicentre for Prysm Group’s Natural Disaster Expo in February. This event will be the ultimate destination for disaster preparation specialists and emergency response professionals to source all of the newest disaster-related products and services, maximise recovery methods and discover new ways to achieve community outreach and preparedness.

The Natural Disaster Expo is 100% free to attend, and is planned to provide cutting-edge technology, expand relief programme awareness, and cover the ins-and-outs of the natural disaster industry and emerging global trends.

More than 200 speakers, 100 live demos and 300 leading suppliers will place the Natural Disaster Expo on any disaster and emergency response professional’s must-attend list. Professionals can attend this event, expecting to leave with the understanding of how agencies and businesses can better succeed in providing the necessary goods and services to local and state level communities regarding disaster response and recovery with the potential for increased outreach and profit.

The Natural Disaster Expo in Miami will host an array of industry keynote speakers from global leaders including the likes of Todd S Pridges from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Christopher Landsea from the National Hurricane Center, NOAA, and Robert McSwain from NASA, as well as industry-leading organisations and departments with a proven track record of success. The information shared by these professionals will detail essential and developing trends in the industry, including the potential impact of future natural disasters, emergency response management, and business recovery post-disaster.

The construction industry will have a significant focus in the Natural Disaster Expo, as this sector has shown developing potential in improved disaster-proof and emergency savvy structures to protect communities from an occurring natural disaster and save lives. Networking and investment opportunities will be welcomed as potential investors, engineers, and building manager groups can develop key tactics and professional relationships to expand across this crucial market.

The Natural Disaster Expo is an expanding world-class event with more events opening up in the Asia Pacific Region and the West Coast of the US. As thousands of global leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry convene to this event from far and wide, there has never been a better opportunity to develop working relationships between the private and public sectors and discover the latest solutions and methods to expand business potential while preparing communities against the most dangerous events brought on by nature.

For more information on involvement with this event, contact Eddy Lawrance at [email protected]

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