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Nanotron releases new production version of location tracking software

By [email protected] - 25th October 2018 - 11:04

Nanotron achieves and deploys a new release of its Location Engine and Server software, nanoLES 3 5K for up to 5,000 objects. The newly-updated nanoLES platform delivers instantaneous, high-precision location data for large mission-critical tracking applications in Livestock Health and Mining. Leveraging its highly scalable virtual synchronisation of location infrastructure, nanotron has now more than doubled the scope of existing commercial deployments. The nanoLES product uses nanotron’s patented ‘Sea of Anchor’ technology for highly scalable virtual synchronisation of location infrastructure. The software processes raw location data it receives from ‘anchors’, based on Time of Arrival (TOA) information, and delivers position information to customers’ business applications. The ‘Sea of Anchor’ technology simplifies location infrastructure build-out. It eliminates the complex cell-based approach of competing offerings. To expand an installation, users simply add more tags and new ‘anchors’ connected to the same data backbone network.