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Myanmar: Satellite Images Show Massive Fire Destruction

By [email protected] - 19th October 2017 - 12:29

New satellite imagery captured by DigitalGlobe satellite GeoEye-1 and supplied by European Space Imaging shows several hundred buildings burned in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Imagery from the Rohingya Muslim village of Chein Khar Li in Rathedaung township shows 700 buildings burned, a near total destruction of the village. The imagery shows that 99 percent of the village was destroyed. Damage signatures are consistent with fire, including the presence of large burn scars and destroyed tree cover. High resolution satellite imagery is becoming more significant in support of humanitarian aid. By providing relief organisations and governments with near real-time quality imagery, it is possible to swiftly assist those affected by crisis. Being able to capture multiple images of the same area at regular intervals allows crisis response analysts to learn how people interact and therefore can also be used to effectively predict and prevent such crises from occurring.