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Moorside Site Investigations Approach Final Stages

By [email protected] - 20th October 2016 - 16:03

NuGeneration Limited (NuGen) plans to build a nuclear power station of up to 3.8GW* gross capacity at Moorside, close to Sellafield, in West Cumbria. To facilitate the Moorside project, NuGen is undertaking a programme of works and studies to provide information on the Moorside site’s characteristics. The objectives are to carry out a geotechnical and geophysical campaign, providing sufficient geological and geotechnical information to inform the detailed design of foundations and ancillary structures and to determine tunnel alignments. Moorside is one of the largest UK site investigations to be let as a single package. Under the contract, Fugro is carrying out onshore and offshore site characterisation involving geotechnical, hydrological, topographical, geophysical and geo-environmental data acquisition. In addition to informing the design and layout of the Moorside site, data will support licensing, planning applications and other consents for the construction of the nuclear power station.