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Mobile mapping – The Future has arrived for MK Surveys

By [email protected] - 21st June 2016 - 13:32

The delivery of the Leica Geosystems Pegasus:Two will open a whole new world of mobile mapping to MK Surveys whilst utilising this mobile mapping solution. Revolutionary in design and technology, the vehicle mounted Leica Pegasus:Two mobile mapper will be used by MK Surveys for various infrastructure projects including surveys of highways and rail, as well as GIS data collection and asset management. The introduction of mobile mapping for MK Surveys has many advantages including drastically reducing the fieldwork required for highways projects, with no need for road closures or traffic management, as the Leica Pegasus:Two acts in the same way as any other public vehicle. All data is collected remotely from a moving vehicle to survey grade accuracies. Removing the workforce from the road helps improve health and safety on site, whilst providing fast and accurate data.