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miso launches a brand new approach to processing data

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

The new miso DataFlow service works in a similar way to an app store - simple solutions to common business problems are brought together in the form of âappsâ, known as Workflows. These Workflows are available to browse, purchase and download through the DataFlow Store. Once downloaded, each of the Workflows can be launched in the DataFlow Player, enabling the user to begin processing their data in minutes. The service is community-led, with users coming together to share their experiences and discuss their challenges. The first released Workflow is the AddressBase Premium Optimiser, which automates the conversion of AddressBase Premium data into more useable formats. Both DataFlow and the AddressBase Premium Optimiser have initially been launched to current users of misoâs InterpOSe software. This release is the first of many, with more data processing Workflows due to be launched in the coming months.