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Mike Osborne Wins AMSI Council Business Person of the Year 2017 Award

By [email protected] - 17th May 2017 - 17:04

The 2017 AMSI Council Business Person of the Year has been awarded to the Managing Director of OceanWise, Dr. Mike Osborne. The award was presented by Mr Terry Sloane, Chairman of the AMSI Council of the Society of Maritime Industries during the Ocean Business 2017 Gala Dinner in Southampton. The award recognizes the individual who has made a significant contribution to the business of marine science and technology. Mike is passionate about marine data and information, having spent many years tirelessly lobbying for improved access to data in Hydrographic Offices and other publicly funded bodies and elsewhere, promoting its re-use and establishing marine data as a valuable resource to the benefit of economic and socio-economic development. As such, he has contributed much to changing the way marine spatial data and information is valued and the way people use it.