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Micello and eeGeo team up for interactive 3D indoor maps

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2016 - 12:42

Micello, Inc. has announced a partnership with eeGeo, the 3D mapping company, to deliver interactive three-dimensional visualizations of interior spaces. The combined solution provides venue owners a seamless integration between Micello’s indoor maps and eeGeo’s 3D mapping and visualization platform. Ian Hetherington, CEO of eeGeo said, “With Micello’s new Data APIs, we can automatically import Micello indoor maps describing building interiors into our 3D representation of the world. The results are stunning. Thanks to Micello’s global inventory of maps we are able to seamlessly generate 3D views of thousands of destinations around the world.” eeGeo’s Recce iOS and Android app showcases Micello’s indoor maps by providing life-like and animated 3D views of interior spaces. The app allows users to interactively explore the world in 3D, seamlessly moving between exterior and interior views as they orient themselves with real world landmarks.