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MGISS’S Mobile Gis Technology Saving Time, Money And Reducing Risk!

By [email protected] - 25th September 2015 - 17:00

Remote measurement equipment provided by MGISS to a company who provide a wide range of technical services to the Power and Rail industries across the UK and Ireland has managed to double the daily outputs of the team compared to the traditional way of working. LSTC (Line Survey and Transmission Consultancy) have been tasked by a major Electricity DNO (Distribution Network Operator) to measure distribution overhead line conductor clearances on 1800 sites adjacent to domestic and commercial buildings. By implementing GE Mapsight and tailoring custom measurement workflows, as LSTC was advised to do by MGISS, a single Mapsight operator surveying 50 sites per month, reducing survey costs by over 50% and improving the level of visual information provided to the client. The savings are made at the âverification stageâ where GE Mapsight replaces the visual clearance estimate and records a more accurate record of the clearance issue.