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Martek UAS announce ‘Gareth Knowles’ as the first UAS Strategist

By [email protected] - 21st August 2017 - 10:17

Martek UAS announce the arrival of Gareth Knowles as the 1st of a number of UAS Strategists appointments, to help clients develop compelling use cases for our range of proven & pre-eminent ‘best-in-world’ drone services. Having recently filled key posts with Best in World calibre individuals, Gareth brings yet another dimension to the Martek UAS team. Gareth brings a wealth of insightful experience to Martek UAS from a variety of roles ranging across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. A passionate life-long champion of aviation and innovation, Gareth has achieved recent success working with a variety of O&G Aviation Technical Assurance personnel, National Aviation Authorities and associated stakeholders to bring UAS solutions to a diverse range of industry and environmental problems. Martek CEO Paul Luen commented, “Gareth’s a top-level operator who’ll enable clients’ drone strategies delivering them fantastic gains”