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Maptek releases I-Site Studio 6 point cloud modelling tools

By [email protected] - 24th February 2016 - 14:39

The latest I-Site point cloud processing tools from Maptek focus on the everyday needs of mine surveyors for fast, accurate volumes, conformance reporting, geotechnical analysis and CAD design. I-Site Studio software offers an expanding range of applications with increasing sophistication. The new release of I-Site Studio 6 provides exciting new tools and requested enhancements. New CAD design tools include user friendly preferences for snapping to angles and points. Other in-demand items include auto registration and alignment of scans, complex surface modelling, waviness analysis for geotechnical modelling and analysis. “I-Site Studio has matured into a powerful, fully functioned software package that does more than just process point clouds,” said Jason Richards, Global Business Development Manager for Laser Imaging Solutions at Maptek “Accurate data is crucial to a mine’s success. I-Site Studio makes survey data understandable and useful for all stakeholders.”