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Majority of Drone Owners Welcome Flying Exam

By [email protected] - 21st August 2017 - 10:49

ALMOST two-thirds of drone owners would welcome compulsory flying exams similar to Government proposed assessments, according to new research. The Drone Usage Report 2017 compiled by revealed 61% of drone owners would welcome a compulsory flying exam before taking to the skies with their gadget as they think it would increase public safety. The news comes as the UK Government has announced plans to introduce mandatory safety awareness courses and registration for owners of small unmanned aircraft, including drones. More than half (56%) of drone owners are confident in their piloting skills and think they would pass a flying exam if they had to sit one before doing so alone. While the vast majority of users (65%) also say they would be willing to have their drone electronically registered to make it easier to identify the owner if the gadget was lost or stolen.