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Maine DOT Uses New GPR Technology to Improve Road Pavement Quality

By [email protected] - 26th February 2019 - 12:32

The State of Maine Department of Transportation is at the forefront of research on how to improve road pavement quality and extend service life. One recent addition is the use of GSSI’s PaveScan RDM, which can accurately measure whether there is density uniformity throughout the pavement layer. Studies have found that optimum pavement density is a crucial factor in increasing pavement life. Pilot tests on about a dozen projects show promising results; researchers believe the equipment will be a powerful tool to help contractors make adjustments to ensure pavement quality. Dale Peabody, Director of the Transportation Research Division at Maine DOT, explains that there is never enough funding to keep up with all the road pavement work needed. That’s why his team is constantly looking for ways to improve both the material mixes used and how they are laid in the field.