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MAIA multispectral camera

By [email protected] - 7th January 2019 - 12:21

MAIA M2 from SAL Engineering S.r.l is the new lightest and smallest modular multispectral camera fully customizable by the user. MAIA M2 can be equipped with a large portfolio of VIS-NIR bandpass filters. The camera module is based on a double global shutter CMOS sensor with 8/12 bits resolution, automatic exposure with selectable target value. Lenses are geometrically calibrated. Each module has stand-alone capability with external trigger and strobe or free run mode. Several inputs/outputs for external devices interfacing are available, such as trigger, strobe, serial port, USB and two aux port. Module has very small size and low weight, the lowest values in the market. Multi-module management, up to 8 different modules based on different couples of sensors and filters, is available by using the external controller. Multispectral raw images and parameters are stored in a removable SD card, and can be also downloaded via USB and they are ready then for MultiCam Stitcher Pro, the MAIA images pre-processing software.