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Luciad unveils 3-D browser capabilities and visual analytics in V2016

By [email protected] - 24th February 2016 - 14:59

Luciad has launched the latest version of its geospatial product suite, V2016. The release brings stunning 3-D visualization capability to browser-based web apps with LuciadRIA. Users can toggle between 2-D and 3-D with the click of a button to view terrain elevation, airspaces and 3-D shapes directly in their browser on a PC, tablet or mobile device. In this release the company also integrated a number of visual analytics capabilities across its product suite that help users make sense of large data sets. The new features include advanced clustering to group objects and constructive geometry calculations. On the server side, LuciadFusion includes a number of features to fuse and serve multi-spectral imagery and multi-dimensional raster data, like NetCDF weather data. The entire product suite allows users to connect to today’s big data, visualize and analyze it and make smarter decisions.

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