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LPS Selects Intelligent Telematics’ 3G Vehicle Camera Solution

By [email protected] - 23rd March 2016 - 12:46

LPS, the container logistics business, is targeting road safety improvements and insurance savings with a 3G-vehicle camera solution from Intelligent Telematics. The company has installed the industry-leading IT1000 device across a fleet of 38 HGVs, having recognised the added benefits available over traditional SD-card cameras. The IT1000 will enable LPS to access high definition footage of a collision within seconds of it occurring along with supporting vehicle data. This first notification of loss (FNOL) will help the company better manage the claims handling process, quickly proving fault and keeping insurance costs to a minimum. LPS will also use the 3G-vehicle camera solution to enhance driver behaviour, monitoring crashes, near misses and harsh driving events to identify areas of improvement within the HGV fleet. From its base the company will have full visibility of driver performance to help reduce vehicle-related accidents and mitigate any existing financial and operational risks.