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Linkadia chooses Digital Element to improve mobile advertising efficiency

By [email protected] - 18th January 2017 - 11:30

Digital Element announced that specialist mobile advertising agency and affiliate network, Linkadia, has chosen its NetAcuity IP geolocation solution. The technology will allow Linkadia to boost its performance for mobile advertising targeting and maximise results for its clients. By incorporating Digital Element’s IP geolocation, mobile carrier and ISP data, the company will be able to increase the accuracy of its geo-targeting capabilities for their clients across more countries than ever before – enhancing, advertising performance and ROI. In addition, the use of Digital Element’s proxy database, which includes proxy type and proxy description information, will empower Linkadia to identify suspicious connections that are attempting to falsify their location. This will allow the company to ensure performance data shared with its clients shows conversions from legitimate traffic. By partnering with Digital Element, Linkadia joins a portfolio of high-profile ad networks.