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Leica iCON now integrated in Liebherr LIPOS®

By [email protected] - 17th May 2017 - 16:12

Leica Geosystems announced its Leica iCON rig solution has been integrated into LIPOS® (Liebherr Positioning System) by Liebherr. The Leica iCON rig solution for drilling and piling machines will be directly implemented into LIPOS® factory-mounted add-on kit, which includes a fixture for the easy and quick installation of hardware without the need to change the machine structure. The rig solution will now be part of the process for data recording and reporting in Liebherr deep foundation machinery. “Combining Liebherr on-board sensor information adds a significant extra dimension for our positioning solution for drilling and piling applications,” said Johan Arnberg, president of the Leica Geosystems Machine Control Division. “We are proud to bring added value for Liebherr customers and an easier and efficient way to manage their data on any drilling and piling construction projects.”