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Laser Components InGaAs PIN Photodiodes - IG22 Series

By [email protected] - 22nd June 2018 - 08:37

Laser Components is a world leading manufacturer of extended InGaAs detectors. From the research and production facility in Arizona they supply customers all over the world with these industrial grade quantum detectors. The semiconductor material absorbs incident IR photons in the intrinsic region generating electron hole pairs which are collected at external electrodes. Photovoltaic detectors are an excellent choice in many applications due to their high sensitivity, fast response, low noise and wide dynamic range. InGaAs PIN photodiodes have a smaller energy gap than Si photodiodes meaning that they are sensitive at longer wavelengths than Si devices. The energy gap can also be adjusted by varying the composition ratio of In and Ga extending performance further into the infrared. A typical standard product is the IG22 with a peak wavelength of 2.2 microns, making it ideal for applications that cannot be met spectrally with a regular InGaAs photodiode.