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KudanSLAM Software Is Now Ready for Autonomous Car, Drone, Robotics

By [email protected] - 11th September 2017 - 10:05

Tokyo based Kudan, Inc. has developed real time 3D mapping and position tracking via camera, called “KudanSLAM”, and started to provide its technology to the market for Autonomous car, ADAS, Drone, Industrial and Personal Robots in addition to the existing AR/VR industries. SLAM, is the software technology, which is capable of 3D mapping and position tracking. It provides computers the ability of “computer vision” to acquire, process, analyse and understand digital images as well as the ability to map its 3D environment, objects, and understand its location within it. This “Computer Vision” technology can be used for any industries such as Autonomous car and Robotics. Kudan succeeded to develop practicable and next generation algorithm, which would replace the existing SLAM such as ORB and PTAM*3 SLAM base, and apply those technology to be ready for the market.