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KOREC Group seeks to expand workforce in Ireland and UK with 30 new positions

By GeoConnexion - 26th January 2022 - 11:11

KOREC announced that group expansion means they are now seeking to fill 30 new positions, in a range of departments, across the UK and Ireland. These new roles include openings in Cambridgeshire, Dublin and Liverpool. KOREC specialises in bringing geospatial technology to the UK and Irish markets, all backed up by in-house software development, training, technical support and servicing. Through partnerships with companies such as Trimble, Esri and Parrot, KOREC aims to provide its customers with a wide range of ground-breaking geospatial technology. This offering includes everything from high accuracy GPS, 3D Laser Scanners, drones and robots to AI, Mixed Reality and Mobile Mapping solutions.

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