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KlauGeomatics partners with Skylink Japan

By [email protected] - 8th May 2018 - 14:40

Australian technology company KlauGeomatics has announced the launch of the KlauPPK kits in Japan with a partnership with Skylink to distribute to the Japanese surveying, engineering and construction markets. The KlauPPK technology enables users to create highly accurate, reliable and repeatable mapping data, without ground control points, transforming the capabilities of drones for construction, infrastructure, mining, telecommunications and other sectors. SkyLink will be importing and supporting the system for Japanese customers. They have independently verified the accuracy of KlauPPK on various DJI drones carrying cameras from DJI, Sony and Phase One. Dr. Kazuo Watanabe of Skylink said “Drones can fly over a project area to collect data in minutes. However, we had to spend hours putting ground control points across the site. Now with the KlauPPK system there is a simple solution that plugs onto our drones and provides superior mapping accuracy without spending as much time in the field.”

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