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Kinesis Telematics Keeps Canoeists on Track

By [email protected] - 25th February 2020 - 16:16

Kinesis is tracking the movements of canoeists - and canoes - on the road following the installation of GPS trackers on a fleet operated by Hire a Canoe. Offering canoe, kayak and paddle boarding experiences in the UK, Hire a Canoe uses the vehicle tracking to manage the transport of clients to and from their water sport activity. Real time trafficupdates and live Estimated Time of Arrival calculations are helping to improve customer service whilst advanced geofencing ensures the out of hours security of vehicles. Hire a Canoe offers a range of experiences from short canoe taster sessions to five day expeditions. Kinesis provides vehicle locations, displayed in real time against an easy to interpret map, to track customer transport between it two operational centres and a variety of riverside pick up points. The live tracking with real time traffic alerts is also used to calculate accurate ETAs for customer pickups.