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Kinematic LiDAR data processing with RIEGL RiPROCESS 1.9.2 software

By GeoConnexion - 12th April 2022 - 15:26

The newest version of RIEGL’s software suite for processing kinematic LiDAR data, RiPROCESS 1.9.2, provides additional benefits. Due to advances in RIEGL’s core database engine RDBLib, the writing speed has increased significantly, thus improving the overall processing time of point clouds. Especially large point cloud data benefits from the update, saving precious processing time in large projects. With improvements in the level-of-detail feature of the RDBLib, the workflow is now smoother and significantly faster for large data sets. The new release introduces a NIR attribute for point clouds. The data can be exported as LAS / LAZ files with both RGB color and additional NIR data (Point Data Record Format 8). This feature is especially useful for e.g. RIEGL VQ-1560 II systems with two cameras, an RGB camera and an achromatic camera sensitive at near-infrared wavelengths.

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