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Juniper Systems releases Archer 3 Rugged Handheld

By [email protected] - 1st May 2019 - 09:00

The next-generation Archer 3 Rugged Handheld runs Android and it is available for purchase, Juniper Systems announced. Packed with a robust processor and upgraded battery, memory, and storage capacity, the Archer 3 is the most powerful of the bestselling Archer handhelds to date. Six years after the release of the Archer 2 Rugged Handheld, the Archer 3 boasts a 290 percent increase in RAM at 2GB, double the flash storage at 16GB, a 12,000 milliampere-hour battery, and 1.2GHz Cortex A9 processor. Running Android 7.1 the Archer 3 is the first Archer series rugged handheld to integrate the world’s foremost mobile operating system. “Pocket-sized data collection just got an upgrade,” said Jeff Delatore, the Archer product manager at Juniper Systems. “It’s the same beloved Archer – but faster, more capable, and running on an accessible operating system most people have on their phone.” The Archer 3 also integrates Smart Ready Bluetooth and high-sensitivity GPS with its u-blox M8 GNSS engine.