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ISPRS Geospatial Week 2015

By [email protected] - 25th August 2015 - 10:13

The newly established ISPRS Geospatial Week will be held between 28 September and 2 October in La Grande Motte, France. Geospatial Week is a scientific event hosting a bundle of high quality conferences and workshops on the topics of geospatial data acquisition, data processing, data visualisation and dissemination. The objective is to provide in the same location during a full working week a very rich scientific programme with a mix of methodology-oriented and thematic-oriented events that will enable communities to meet, to exchange, and cross-fertilise.â©

Three technical visits on 27 September to the famous Mont Aigoual will provide a rare glimpse of a great variety of natural and man-made landscapes, representing a large climatic gradient, from the Mediterranean level to the medium-altitude mountains.â©

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