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IQGeo launches ‘reality-centric’ geospatial platform to replace cartography-centric legacy GIS

By [email protected] - 1st July 2019 - 15:11

IQGeo is launching its new geospatial platform that offers network infrastructure providers an alternative approach to legacy GIS, transforming operations, improving data quality, reducing costs and streamlining processes. IQGeo’s next generation geospatial platform takes a reality-centric approach that has been specifically designed for infrastructure companies, providing a near real time network view and closing the data gap between the field and the office. Using a mobile first architecture that supports any mobile device, IQGeo’s solution uses open applications that model the reality of a distributed, smart network with much simpler graphical representations. The IQGeo solution streamlines the network asset maintenance process and removes inherent legacy GIS update bottlenecks. Authorized staff, not just GIS experts, can now update network assets on any device, from anywhere.