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Introducing Thematic Mapper for Easy In-map Analytics

By [email protected] - 22nd December 2016 - 14:30

The Thematic Mapper application just released by MapDeck unlocks in-map analytic capabilities for organisations of any size or budget. Traditionally, access to spatial information, and the tools required for analysing and visualising that information, was restricted to only companies with substantial budgets. The arrival of cloud-based online mapping tools is changing all that, democratising access to vital information for everybody, even the smallest companies, as well as individuals. With the release of the Thematic Mapper application, MapDeck is taking the concept of in-map DIY spatial analytics to a whole new level. Thematic Mapper is an example of online mapping tools which allow full personalisation of information content on maps. Unlike traditional online maps, Thematic Mapper gives each user full control over the entire map creation and map publishing/sharing process. It is a whole new approach to creating online maps and interacting with spatial data in real time.