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Intermap Announces New Contract for Agriculture Management in Southeast Asia

By GeoConnexion - 28th July 2023 - 08:36

Intermap Technologies announced a contract to supply 3D digital elevation models (DEMs) to reduce crop loss for an agricultural company in Indonesia. Indonesia’s economy relies on its agricultural sector, employing one-third of its labor force and representing approximately 14% of its GDP. With one of the world’s largest agricultural productions, the sector plays a vital role in supporting the country’s growth and development. Intermap’s customer is utilizing the Company’s precision data for monitoring and site assessment over large areas across the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Intermap’s innovative datasets provide the client with critical information to manage their plantations efficiently, resulting in better yields. Elevation data is a key tool for agriculture companies as they decide when to irrigate and fertilize, which results in reduced crop loss due to pests and diseases.

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