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Intergraph Unveils I/Map Editor for ArcGIS

By [email protected] - 25th June 2015 - 11:41

IntergraphSecurity, Government and Infrastructure (SG&I) unveiled I/Map Editor for ArcGIS, a new product that works directly with Esriâs ArcGIS Platform to migrate geospatial data into Intergraphâs Computer-Aided Dispatch software (I/CAD), creating greater efficiencies for users of both systems. I/Map Editor for ArcGIS brings advanced mapping features to Intergraphâs map build environment, automating and streamlining map creation in I/CAD, and is designed to minimize the number of different systems and steps required for ArcGIS users. Intergraphâs I/CAD system is critical to public safety operations, enabling agencies to quickly answer emergency and non-emergency calls, create and update incidents and manage multiple resources in real time. Intergraphâs I/Map Editor products facilitate the use of GIS data as the source of mapping information in I/CAD. Built on ArcGIS, the new I/Map Editor for ArcGIS enables I/CAD map production within ArcGIS. An extension hosted in ArcMap, it natively connects to Esri data sources.