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Intergraph® presents the first truly Green GIS

By [email protected] - 28th October 2015 - 10:34

By reducing storage requirements and energy costs, more efficient data centers are also more environmentally friendly. Intergraph® aims to make a contribution to these efforts with its new Green GIS initiative in Europe, which offers a more energy-efficient and therefore climate-friendly IT process. With the patented ECW (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet) data compression format, in combination with the new version of the ERDAS APOLLO application, Intergraph and its Hexagon Geospatial software offer a solution package that drastically reduces the volume of raster data and point clouds. This minimises demands on storage capacity and the associated operating and cooling power requirements. ERDAS APOLLO also minimises the demand for servers, computing power and data transfer rates. Here, Intergraphâs Green GIS initiative is pioneering in terms of climate-friendly geospatial solutions and therefore represents the first true green GIS available on the market. Intergraph has been nominated for the Wichmann Innovation Award 2015.