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Intergraph NetWorks Extends the Utility Network Model Across the Enterprise

By [email protected] - 19th April 2016 - 13:49

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has launched Intergraph NetWorks, a flexible software suite that provides utilities and communications companies with secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities across the enterprise. Easy to configure and powerful to use, Intergraph NetWorks unlocks value in existing geospatial investments. It enhances the reach, quality and currency of enterprise information, while improving business processes and capabilities. Intergraph NetWorks helps address an important need for companies that manage electric, gas, telecommunications and water networks and services: the ability to exploit network information more extensively. By leveraging web services to simplify the development and maintenance of interfaces, integrations and task-oriented portal and mobile applications, Intergraph NetWorks connects the enterprise to the Intergraph G/Technology network model, making it available and usable wherever needed -- by planners, call center staff, operations center personnel, field crews and even customers.